Research shows that 60% of HR managers use video interviews in the hiring process. Advancements in technology have made the video interview process smoother and more streamlined for both the candidate and interviewer. Video interviews have become popular over the years with all types of organizations because hiring managers and teams have leveraged their benefits. While it’s true that the requirements of every organization and hiring process can be different, here are some great benefits of video interviews that make them suitable for all types of organizations.

Top 7 Benefits of Video Interviews

Video Interviews Are Easy to Schedule

Video interviews help you get rid of the hassles of scheduling back and forth sessions with multiple candidates. It can be a challenge to find a convenient time for both the interviewer and interviewee to get together in person. Video interviews can be scheduled quickly – there’s no travel time or planning required. In addition, they can help reduce the time-to-hire, especially in the case of candidates who are in the final stages of closing an offer.

According to research, 84% of candidates schedule a video interview within 24 hours of receiving an invite.

Video Interviews Can Help Build Positive Employer Branding

If you’re striving to become one of the top employers in your market sector this year, you know the importance of employer branding. In simpler words, this means that having a positive impact on candidates is extremely important. Video interviews can help you a great deal in marketing your recruiting process. You can show candidates that being “tech-savvy” doesn’t just apply to enterprise-sized organizations. Using video technology enables small and midsize companies to level the playing (recruiting) field.

Video Interviews Are Faster Than Telephone Interviews

Research shows that video interviews are 6 times faster than telephone interviews. You can conduct 10 video interviews in the same amount of time as a single telephone interview. Whether it takes 2 candidates or 22 candidates to fill a position, video interviews will make your hiring process more efficient.

Oftentimes there are multiple managers involved in the recruiting process. Meeting together online – in a small group or back-to-back – is also likely to be more efficient than on-site meetings.

Video Interviews Can Help in Screening Candidates More Effectively

During the beginning phases of the hiring process, organizations actively screen multiple candidates to identify top talent. This is where video interviews can help. Instead of asking candidates to fill in application forms, asking them to submit a pre-recorded video interview can help you assess their communication skills on top of evaluating their skill sets.

Video Interviews Can Help in Assessing Candidates’ Comfort With Technology

Even if you’re not hiring a candidate for a technology-related role, you want someone who is adept at working with basic technology. Asking candidates to submit a video or meet you online will help you assess candidates’ level of familiarity with technology.

Video Interviews Can Help in Reducing Small Talk

When a candidate arrives for an in-person interview, some small talk at the start and/or end of the interview is inevitable, including time with a front desk or reception employee. This is where video interviews can save time and increase the efficiency of the process. That’s not to say small talk can’t be helpful in getting to know a candidate, but it definitely adds to the overall recruiting time. Some hiring managers feel it’s best to invest as much time as possible to speaking to the final candidates.

Video Interviews Can Help in Making Candidates More Comfortable

Not all candidates are great with face-to-face interactions; most of them get nervous. According to a recent survey by JDP, 93% of job candidates have faced anxiety related to their interviews. This is where video interviews can act as stress eliminators for candidates. As a result of anxiety and stress related to their interview, many candidates are unable to showcase their domain expertise. With video interviews, you allow the candidates to showcase their expertise and skills in a stress-free space – typically their home.