How to Express Your Gratitude to Employees This Holiday Season

By Julie Reimer, Marketing and Branding Specialist, HALO Branded Solutions

The giving of gifts is an important part of the human experience. The act of giving helps define our relationships, strengthens our bonds and reinforces our feelings toward the recipient. When the right gift is given, it becomes more than just an item to the recipient; it becomes a tangible reminder of the relationship between the giver and the recipient. Why is this important? Because relationships matter.

While showing your appreciation of employees’ contributions should be a year-round activity – after all, without their efforts, products wouldn’t get made, assembled or shipped – the year-end holiday season is an important time to express your gratitude. Why? Because that’s when employees expect to be acknowledged for the work they’ve done to help their employer succeed!

The right gift can strengthen bonds, increase loyalty and gain favor with the recipient while supporting and promoting your brand. A poorly-selected gift can have the opposite effect, leaving the recipient wondering why you even bothered. In the workplace, a strategy should be implemented to ensure you give an appropriate gift.

There are countless ways to say thank you to employees and generate a lasting impression – even if you have a large workforce and a limited budget. Ever notice how some people collect mugs or only use a particular drinking cup with a straw? How many of us wear earbuds on trains, planes and while walking down the street? The abundance of tote bags and insulated coolers employees use to carry personal items to and from the workplace? How quickly a beautifully packaged assortment of nuts and chocolates disappears when placed in a communal area? These and many other gifts can (and should be!) emblazoned with your logo and cost about $5 each. I can tell you from experience that they will be well received. And don’t overlook including a card with each gift. Whether the message is funny or heartwarming, it will further enhance the gift-giving experience for each employee.

Julie Reimer has been a promotional products consultant for 21 years. She works with marketing managers, meeting planners and HR directors to find the right promotional product to market their company, as well as helps set up safety award programs and employee incentive programs. She can be reached at