Coronavirus – Our Measures for Keeping Employees and Clients Safe

Last week we implemented plans to help ensure that all of our employees and job candidates are protected while in our office. The measures we’ve taken throughout our 7 locations include:

  • Distributing educational information from the CDC, in English and Spanish, to all employees about how to stay informed about COVID-19 as well as the steps to follow to help prevent spreading it to people at work, home, and in the community. Employees know to follow the CDC’s guidelines and clients’ safety procedures.
  • Our recruiters are using latex gloves in handling all paperwork. They ask candidates to keep a reasonable distance when they are completing an application and tell them to keep the pen they used. We ask this of employees, too, when they come into the office and sign off that they have received their paycheck.
  • Every 30-45 minutes, in every office, a member of our staff wipes the countertops and the exterior and interior door handles.

In addition:

  • If an employee calls off sick and it is not COVID-related, we are not going to assign them to any sites for at least the remainder of
    the week, maybe more.
  • If we have an employee who calls off concerned about a possible exposure issue, we are not going to assign the employee to any sites for at least the remainder of the week. If the exposure is to someone who was conclusively diagnosed, we will require the employee to self-quarantine for at least two full weeks.
  • If an employee has been diagnosed with COVID-19, we will be calling any client at which the employee was assigned in the last 30 days, and advise the client of the dates the employee worked, the shift to which the employee was assigned, the work the employee was doing, etc.

We have also advised all of our clients that if they have additional questions they would like us to ask our employees before assigning them to their site to let us know, and we will make the determination as to whether those questions are appropriate under current law, including any guidance provided during this time by the government agencies.

*Please click on the images (above/right) to download the CDC’s poster, Stop The Spread of Germs, in English or Spanish.

If you or anyone you know has questions about how to keep your employees and clients safe, we recommend that you visit the CDC website and review their guidelines.