Should You Outsource Your Hiring?

If you’ve always handled hiring in-house but the process – and/or the results – haven’t been as seamless or effective as you would like, it’s a good idea to consider outsourcing this responsibility. Plus, while outsourcing does add a new expense to your operations, it doesn’t mean it will cost more than your internal hiring costs.

To determine if outsourcing is right for your organization, start by considering the following:

• Would your staff be pulled from other projects in order to focus on hiring?
• Do you have the budget to properly advertise for the positions you need to fill?
• If the hiring process takes longer than you estimate, what will the cost be to your company by not having those positions filled?
• What will the impact be if you end up hiring candidates that aren’t ideal?

Having specialized in hiring for industrial companies for 20 years, ClearStaff has been brought in on countless occasions after a company’s hiring program failed. The signs that a hiring program isn’t working include:

• The employees you hire quit or need to be terminated
• Your process is so slow that candidates accept other positions while waiting to hear from you
• Someone in your organization is spending too many hours a week recruiting
• You can’t keep up with the demand for more employees

Individually or collectively, these types of challenges negatively impact productivity, sales and, oftentimes, morale. Seasoned recruiters know how to identify the right people for the position and will make sure that the people they hire are a good fit for their client’s culture, too. They have a growing database of candidates they have successfully placed previously; are equipped to handling a high volume of hiring programs at the same time; and use today’s technology to swiftly and efficiently announce job openings.

If you’re considering outsourcing your hiring activities for the first time, or you aren’t satisfied with your current hiring process, please contact ClearStaff. We’ll be able to determine in a brief call or visit if we can help your company.