Post-COVID Recruiting: How Organizations Can Deal with More Jobs and Fewer Candidates

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic literally shook the US economy. Per the Economic Policy Institute, it’s estimated that the pandemic could eliminate over 3 million jobs. Needless to say, post-COVID recruiting is going to look completely different than in the past.

The number of job vacancies in the US has reached almost 15 million. There are more jobs but fewer applicants in the post-COVID world.

With the increase in vaccinations, more and more businesses are returning to work. Not only this but they’re also hiring more resources to restart operations in full swing. Many businesses are also building plans for permanent reopening. But, where are the job candidates?

Research suggests that candidates are less prone to switching jobs during and even after the pandemic. However, is that the only reason why candidates are not grabbing easily available job opportunities? Or is your organization not doing enough to attract candidates in the post-COVID world?

Here are some useful tips to attract candidates amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Post-COVID Recruiting: Understanding the Impact of the Pandemic on Your Industry

To revamp your hiring strategy, you first need to assess how the pandemic has impacted your industry. Hospitality and travel are two industries that suffered major losses during the repeated nationwide lockdowns. On the other hand, some industries such as healthcare and logistics are booming more than ever. Therefore, there’s a high chance that a former hospitality or travel employee will look for a more secure job in the currently booming industries.

Not only this but job seekers also know the health risks associated with certain jobs and can be hesitant to apply for them. You need to keep track of the present trends in the job market and continually assess the impact of the pandemic on your industry to see how or if you need to modify your hiring strategy.

Promote Job Security and Growth

When you start hiring in the post-COVID world, remember how many people lost their job last year. Focus your efforts and time on promoting job security and growth to attract candidates. These are two things job seekers are looking for during economic downturns.

To attract new employees in the post-COVID world, you need to incorporate job security in your employer value proposition (EVP).

Many organizations receive the following questions from job seekers now and then:

● How has COVID-19 impacted business performance?
● How is the organization responding to the economic downturn?
● Were there any layoffs last year?

Ensure you have answers to these questions before you kickstart your hiring process.

Update Your Organization’s Career Page

Now, more than ever, it’s important to flaunt your organization’s stability during the pandemic. Add messages to your organization’s career page, describing your organization’s stability during uncertain times.

Be Flexible

Flexible work arrangements and remote work opportunities are important to candidates in the current pandemic scenario. Research suggests that 98% of employees working remotely would like to continue doing so, even in the post-COVID world.

Since many organizations are working remotely now, candidates know that in certain organizations it can be done. If you say things such as “this role is not a remote work role,” or “our organization does not work remotely,” you may miss out on good candidates. If your organization does not promote remote working, consider offering a hybrid work arrangement. Per a study by People Management, publicizing the availability of flexible work options can increase job applicants by up to 30%.

Deliver a Phenomenal Candidate Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the future of hiring. However, what hasn’t changed is the need to deliver an excellent candidate experience. One of the most important aspects of delivering a great candidate experience in the current scenario is informing employees about their rights. Informed candidates are more engaged.

Ensure you understand your employees’ rights and communicate them accordingly. Whether it’s the number of sick leaves or employee wellness benefits, you need to inform candidates what they can expect from your organization. You need to show you care for your employees.

Offer Better Compensation and Attendance Plans

If possible, consider offering attractive compensation plans to draw more candidates. Some ideas include sign-on bonuses, premium pay for overtime, incentives, and more.

Consider the challenges and stresses employees are facing while working from home. Encourage paid time off (PTO). Provide unlimited sick leaves in the case of employees who’re infected with COVID-19 or taking care of their family members infected with the virus.